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Two Wise Chimps CBD Chewing Gum 45mg

Two Wise Chimps CBD Chewing Gum 45mg | CBD Meadows
Two Wise Chimps CBD Chewing Gum 45mg
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From Two Wise Chimps, a 100% natural chewing gum with sweeteners and CBD extract which can easily be implemented into your daily routine. Not only does it deliver 5mg of high purity CBD per piece, it freshens your breath and keeps your teeth clean and healthy.

The CBD is released into your mouth whilst you chew, allowing it to be absorbed sublingually (under the tongue).

- 9 Pieces per pack

- 12 x packs per box. Attractive display case will be received when purchasing in quantities of 12

- 45mg (5mg per piece)

- 100% Natural Ingredients

Biodegradable and plastic free

- Sugar Free

Regular chewing gums use a synthetic, plastic gum base, including the largest manufacturer of gum in the world. This product contains zero of these unnatural and unhealthy ingredients.

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